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We Bought a Pod: Episode 6- “Kevin Bacon’s in My Top 10”

Hey everyone! We begin our two part series on our Top 10 movies of all-time and get into reader questions. We do get a little sidetracked at times, discussing the careers of Kevin Bacon, Kate Winslet, and Jim Carrey, but hey, isn’t that why you love us?

Aaron & AJ Rank Films 10-6 in their Top 10 (00:00-46:00)

The Leftovers/Veep/Silicon Valley/Netflix avalanche  (46:00-51:00)

Kevin Bacon/Listener Questions (51:00-59:30)

Monster Movies/The Mummy (59:30-1:05:00)

Loves movies, TV, and other Pop Culture happenings. Got his BA from Florida State University in English Literature and Sport Management. Got his MA from UCF in Mass Communication.

1 comment on “We Bought a Pod: Episode 6- “Kevin Bacon’s in My Top 10”

  1. it has to be good if i keep thinking im listening to the radio. good job guys


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