We Bought a Pod Episode 29: We Get Annihilated

Welcome back to We Bought a Pod! We’re kicking off episode 29 of Aaron & AJ’s podcast with a brief recap of the 2018 Oscars, before jumping into new trailers and a review of “Annihilation,” one of our early favorites of 2018.

Start-9:00: The Oscars Recap

9:00-16:50: The New “Infinity War” Trailer

16:50- 21:45: New “Deadpool 2: Trailer

21:45 – 25:30: “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” – The Mr. Rodgers documentary

25:30 – 30:00: “Eighth Grade” Trailers

30:00 – 37:00:”Isle of Dogs” and platform releases

37:00 – 48:00: “Annihilation” Podcast Review. Read AJ’s review here.

48:00 – 51:30: “Death of Stalin”

51:30 – 54:30: Tidbits, “Ready Player One,” Random other movies

Loves movies, TV, and other Pop Culture happenings. Got his BA from Florida State University in English Literature and Sport Management. Got his MA from UCF in Mass Communication.

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