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10 Year Anniversary of 2008 in Pop Culture!

It is sometimes amazing how quickly time can pass. It feels like only yesterday that we were in the exciting time that was 2008, one of the best years of cinema in recent memory. Here at We Bought a Blog, we’re going to look at some of those classic films through the next couple weeks. We’re not going to simply review the film. You already know whether or not you like them. Instead, we’re talking about our favorite moments from the films, our favorite characters, and instead talk generally about the impact it left on us. This is less criticism and more a celebration. 2008 is a wild year to celebrate, so jump on board as we look back at one of the seminal years in film that helped to shape our modern cinema landscape.

Look for the celebrations on the following films.


The Dark Knight

Step Brothers

“Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull”

Tropic Thunder

Burn After Reading

The Strangers

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Pineapple Express

Iron Man

Forgetting Sarah Marshall



and more. Keep it tuned to We Bought a Blog as we celebrate 2008!

Loves movies, TV, and other Pop Culture happenings. Got his BA from Florida State University in English Literature and Sport Management. Got his MA from UCF in Mass Communication.

16 comments on “10 Year Anniversary of 2008 in Pop Culture!

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