We Bought a Pod Episode 11: Anime Edition ft. Sam B!

In this episode of We Bought a Pod we delve into the world of Anime, discussing one of the up and coming shows of the season, some advice for those trying to get into anime, and what we love most about anime. 0:00-14:30 – Re: Creators Spoiler Free Review 14:30 – 42:00 Re: Creators Recap 42:00…

We Bought a Pod Episode 10: Women Week ft. Rachel!

Today on the Pod we discuss Wonder Woman, suspense films, actors we hate and love, and upcoming films! Spoiler filled Wonder Woman Review 1:30-45:09 Dyane’s listener question (Suspense Films) 45:10 – 50:00 Paul’s listener question (Actors we hate/love) 50:00-1:00:00 Random Stuff and AJ and Rachel singing an American classic 1:00:00-1:14:00

We Bought a Pod Episode 9: Gods and Samurai w/ Alex Horn

Aaron and “Not AJ” discuss American Gods and Samurai Jack. 00:00 – 7:45 Spoiler FREE review of American Gods 7:45 – 29:00 Spoiler FILLED American Gods recap 29:00- 46:45 Spoiler FILLED Samurai Jack recap 46:45-END Listener-questions and sign-off

We Bought a Pod: Episode 6- “Kevin Bacon’s in My Top 10”

Hey everyone! We begin our two part series on our Top 10 movies of all-time and get into reader questions. We do get a little sidetracked at times, discussing the careers of Kevin Bacon, Kate Winslet, and Jim Carrey, but hey, isn’t that why you love us? Aaron & AJ Rank Films 10-6 in their…

We Bought a Pod – Episode 1: X-Men (Explicit)

Inaugural episode of our podcast We Bought a Pod!!!!! Come listen to AJ and Aaron talk about Logan and Legion. Stay til the end for some movie trivia and for Aaron confusing Dances with Wolves with Last of the Mohicans. Enjoy! Spoiler Warning.  Explicit Warning. OP – HappyRock by Bensound